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I've already found (& married) him, but here's what I love about him:

:: Is a good father
:: Cares about my day, even when the news is bound to be utterly boring
:: Loves me regardless (of past history, problems, etc)
:: Will stand by me when the times get rough
:: Understands me
:: Loves the quirky me as well as the serious me
:: Sees me as an equal partner
:: Is loyal to me
:: Doesn't have unrealistic expectations of me (think: Stepford Wife)
:: Is interested in my interests and hobbies
:: Will rub my back for hours on end, even until his arm goes numb, while I'm in labor
:: Likes the same music as me
:: Is an excellent cook, and doesn't mind cooking most nights
:: Knows when I'm in pain just by looking at me, even when I don't tell him
:: Knows my favorite flavors of ice cream
:: Respects me in every way
:: Loves me even when I'm barefoot and pregnant and as big as a house
:: Loves me even if I don't lose the baby weight right away
:: Is the only man who can hug me and make everything okay again
:: He says he "tolerates" my chick flicks (but silently laughs at the funny parts)
:: Knows when I'm uncomforable with a person and/or in a certain situation
:: Trusts me
:: Loves our children, heart and soul

God, I could go on and on and on... =)
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