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by chance, i happened to make a very long list on this weeks theme a couple weeks ago. i dont really know why, i guess because it helps keep me more focused. really, this is a list of small details that mean a lot to me. itd be boring to simply say i want some one smart and funny. duh. anyway, here are some of my favorite/most important qualities (cut for the sake of length):

- does crosswords often
- loves breakfast foods
- can play rummy
- wants to travel around the world
- doesnt use clichés
- knows how to iron
- has a record player
- knows how to drive a standard
- compromises
- drinks his coffee black
- has a signature scent
- likes popcorn
- knows about constellations
- is organized
- makes up words
- is politically active
- likes to be a kid sometimes
- knows another language
- likes strong drinks
- is always honest
- sings in the car
- isnt scared of bugs
- appreciates flowers
- is college educated
- covers his mouth when he yawns
- can whistle
- is competitive

and it doesnt hurt if he looks like this:


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