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My favorite performance in a movie is Whoopi Goldberg in ''The Color Purple.'' That movie is freakin' amazing, and her performance is stellar. I love the story about an abused woman's slow and deliberate reclaiming of herself, her discovery of love and romance with another woman, and her dedication to being good to the people around her. I know people don't generally associate ''Whoopi Goldberg'' with ''compelling drama'', but all of the preconceived notions of her melt away and you're left with just this very honest portrayal of a black woman in the deep south trying desperately to hang on to a sense of hope and purpose. Every actor in that movie transcends his/her public persona and just becomes his/her own character. Awesome.

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    I'm leaving too. I guess it should be self explanitiry. No reason to stay when nothing is happening. Later Days, AnGeL

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    Well gang I am going....It was nice while it lasted, but it is time for me to leave.

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    Hurricane Dennis is coming to demolish the panhandle of Florida. Unfortunatly, that is where I live. Plus, I live in this small town called shalimar…

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