May 10th, 2005


My favourite love song HAS to be "Who wants to live forever" By Queen..
It's a depressing song, yet is always really makes me think about strange things like does love end when you die? It also makes me wonder about afterlifes and if your lover dies then you get another one.. when you die do you love both or do you have to choose or something when you're in "heaven"
It's part of a fantastic soundtrack to the Film highlander too..
It's really something I could have at my wedding, or funeral.. very versitile.. yet depressing.

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My favorite love song is "Give Yourself to Love" by Kate Wolf. It was the song that my father-in-law played and sang for us and my and my husband's wedding. Kate Wolf wrote it for two friends for their wedding, so it is the perfect wedding song. It's about friends, family, and strangers gathering together at the beautiful occasion, where it's all about love, and everything else (problems, fights, etc) kind of melt away in light of the occasion. It's also about how love is everything, and you have to totally open yourself up to it, and be vulnerable to it to really feel its effects.

I do love this song. =)
(The runner up was Faith Hill's Breathe.)

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