May 9th, 2005

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New Theme and Update

New Theme
What is your favorite love song, and why?
Theme will be from 5/9 - 5/16 (Monday).
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What is your favorite love song, and why?

my favorite love song is "Stellar" by Incubus. Basically it's a song that is being said to a girl about how the man feels about her. Theres a line about taking her to outer space. Basically, there's no real way for him to tell her how much she means to him and how it feels to be with her. "Meet me in outer space, we could spend a night... watch the earth come up"- And basically the song keeps going on like that. To him she is stellar... which is one of the best compliments to get. This song means a lot to me because of my relationship with my boyfriend, but besides that the song is really nice in itself.



My favorite love song would have to be "Amazed" by Lonestar. I am not really into country music, but the lyrics are just so incredible. I can't imagine having the man I love play this song for me and tell me that is the way he feels about me. It is really an amazing song!

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