April 30th, 2005

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My favourite soundtrack has to be from Highlander.
The soundtrack is all by Queen and goes under the name 'A Kind of Magic' I love this soundtrack because
A. It's Queen and has some of my fave songs on it.
B. I love the film
C. The songs are so powerful and packed with emotion and some even delve into the metal genre even though that was not Queen's style! (I love metal).
D. When I was a young kid we used to listen to this soundtrack when we went to the coast, it was the first Queen album I'd heard and by the age of six I knew most of them by heart.. the memories of our visits to the coast are always fantasitc so the CD brings back some amazing memories which other CD's in my collection don't! It was then the first tape my dad ever bought me when I got my first Stereo.

Cheery bye!
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    Don't lose your head - Queen