April 20th, 2005

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I grew up in Germany on a Army Base, so the movie theater did not really show a lot of movies for children, so I mainly relied on VCR tapes.. Well I developed a obsession with old Disney movies (Which I still have today) Anyway the first movie to make me cry was Old Yeller. When Yeller got sick after he just saved the family. The boy who was turning in to a man had decided that Yeller needed to be put down and he needed to kill Yeller himself since that was his dog. When the shot rung out I bawled and bawled. THEY KILL YELLER, not understanding that Yeller had rabies and he was a danger to everyone....

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This ones tough.. the first movie that I remember crying to was E.T - the bit when he gets captured.. I only cried because my sister was crying though!
My Mum says I cried when I saw fantasia - and that was the first time I cried at a film.. looking back now I don't see why I'd cry at fantasia though - I know I was creeped out about the Sorcourers(sp?)apprentice scene!
Yeah so its one of those films..