April 14th, 2005



Well I feel kind of goofy admitting it but the first movie that ever made me cry was The Wizard of Oz when I was little. I cried 1. because I was afraid of the flying monkeys and 2. I thought Dorothy and Lion were dying in the poppy field. I was like five when it happened but yeah, think I'll go hid now. lol


although i can't say this with complete confidance, i think the first movie i cried while watching was the lion king.
i saw it in the theaters, and just remember trying to hide it from my aunt.

i also remember one time, when i was on my way back from an away lacrosse game freshman year, we watched the lion king on the way home from the game. everyone was exausted and upset because we played horrifically.
well, i dno't even remember what part of the movie it was, but at one point, i looked all around the bus, and there was more than half my team, tearing up at 'the lion king'. we were 14.
sometimes it just takes something like that to set you off....


The first movie I ever cried to was 'Bambi'
I remember being just about 3 years old and crying my eyes out when Bambi's mother gets killed in the beginning. I remember crying and crying and... I didn't even see the rest of the movie that day. It's been YEARS since I've watched that movie, sharing the story makes me want to watch it once again, haha