April 4th, 2005



My favourite actor would be Gregory Peck, in the original movie adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird.

I studied the book in hgih-school, for my English Language GCSE. I found it a very moving and thought-provoking piece of literature, especially in reference to racial-inequality in America back then (and lets hope it can remind us of the racial-inequality still suffered) and how the true faith of one man can help to keep the spirits alive.
Gregory Peck perfectly resembled Atticus Finch to me. He played the character just how I mentally pictured him, right down to the pushing his glasses back onto his nose. He played the part with such passion, he really lived as Atticus for that movie.

I'd recommend that anyone who hasn't seen it, and I say anyone that has seen it should watch it again just because its ace!