March 31st, 2005

*stamped* Question

Hi everyone! I'm a stamped member, however while I was on spring break I was removed from the community! I noticed when I got back in on Monday, I emailed one of the mods but I didnt get a reply.. so I guess I have a couple questions.

1) Did I do something to be removed? I'd like to know to avoid making the same mistake in the future... and
2) Do I need to reapply?
Umm hello

Co-mod update!

Hey gang quick update!

Needs Votes
babymelissa87  link is Here

acydikeen  link is Here

ukcatnip  link is Here






What is your favorite performance by an actor in a movie and why?

Theme will run from March 28th until April 8th (Friday) at 11:59pm.

Please make sure you used the words "stamped/theme" or something along those lines in the subject!



Have a good weekend!

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