March 24th, 2005


The most fun I've ever had...

Don't mean to copy dumptruck, but the most fun I've ever had is with my boyfriend, Dominic -- the love of my life and the driving force of my healing for the past three years. The things that bring me joy about him might seem so silly... One of the greatest moments of my life, hands-down, was when I was standing in the bathroom doorway watching him brushing his teeth sometime a within the past few months. I couldn't resist saying ''Aww, you're so cute.''

Of course, everytime I tell him this he tries his best to look ''disgusting.'' So his eyes rolled back in his head, he began to twitch violently, and twist his face all ''ugly.'' I just kept saying, ''You can't gross me out! You're too cute!'' Then he stuck his tongue out of his mouth, his face still all twisted up, eyes still rolled back in his head, and began to drool toothpaste down his chin and stumble toward me zombie-like.

It actually grossed me out, and I ran away while he raised his arms triumphantly over his head. After that we was laughing so hard we could hardly breathe.

Those are the most important moments in life.
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The most fun I've ever had in my life...

Hmm. That's a tough one. I think overall, my experience living in Egypt has been the best thing I've ever gone through, but I'll narrow it down two things: camping in a wadi with some of my best friends and graduation.

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