February 17th, 2005



Theme! yay!

Actually I don't listen really to music. I'm a singer/songwriter and when I listen to songs it throws off my originality. Occasionaly though I will listen to the radio, but usually I get musically inspired from other people. I imagine what they are going through and I write a song about it.


First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for accepting me into the community! It really made my day, something exciting between studying, studying, and more studying.

Okay, theme...

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the last album i bought was telephono by spoon. its one of their older CDs, but its amazing.
one song on it has really inspired me to just keep going. its called 'not turning off'... how perfect.. haha.. but its just such an amazing song with a deep, intense beat that just hits something inside, and has inspired me to keep going. because lately ive been overworking myself and been thinking about quitting something that means a lot to me, but then i listen to this song and i just keep going... its almost magical how it affects me.
sometimes i have to laugh at how just one song can help someone through a tough time, but then i thank god that it can happen.
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