January 8th, 2005

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In November of 2003 I had a major Asthma attack which almost killed me. I remember having it and my father carrying me down the stairs to my moms car, thank goodness we only live a block away from the hospital. I don't remember anything else that happened. While I was in the emergency room all I saw was white light and a vision of me in a backyard with a little boy. Of course it was an older vision of myself. I kept hearing someone say "wake up for Aaron, he needs you" (which is my current boyfriend) over and over again, and after that I woke up. It's almost like I had a good reason to wake up. I was being told that I had something to accomplish in life, such as a family. Ever since then I appreciate my family and the life I have ahead of me so much more. About a week later I came home from the hospital. I still have a bad case of Asthma, but I hope I never experience something like that ever again.
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I think the moment that changed my life was in 5th grade when my pediatrician realized that I hadn't grown since I was in 1st grade. They had to put me through extensive tests, including an MRI because they thought I had a tumor. Eventually a local doctor realized I had Growth Hormone Deficiency which could be cured by giving me growth hormones. I had to go through more tests and finally they agreed that putting me on GH would make me taller. After they realized that I had to get shots of growth hormone daily for 4 years. In the course of 4 years I grew a foot. This miracle made me realize how much I'd like to be a doctor/scientist so that I could help people improve their own lives. It also helps me appreciate driving (in my state you have to be 5' to drive and I was 4'3") and being tall enough that people don't confuse me for a 8th grader. I know most people don't appreciate being taller than 5' but I certainly do every day. ^_^