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I'm leaving too. I guess it should be self explanitiry. No reason to stay when nothing is happening. Later Days,
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Well gang I am going....It was nice while it lasted, but it is time for me to leave.
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MIA for a bit

Hurricane Dennis is coming to demolish the panhandle of Florida. Unfortunatly, that is where I live. Plus, I live in this small town called shalimar which gets power back last in my area. (Like two weeks later than the general public). Horray?

So I'll be MIA for a while...

Sorry loves, may luck be with you all.

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High School Memory/Experience

It's a short story, but whenever I think of it I get this smile on my face that won't fade. Five years ago in May was the night of my senior prom. My best friend and I were going together, just as friends but I liked him a little than that. My senior year in high school I always wore jeans and a t-shirts. So prom day came, I put on the dress which was peach colored and had beautiful sparkles all over it. I had my hair in an updo, with curls falling off the sides and actually had my makeup done professionally. My best friend showed up to get me, my mom called for me down the hall and I came around the corner at the top of our stairs. Mark was talking to another one of my friends who was at the house getting ready, when he looked up at me.. his jaw dropped. And it stayed down. He couldn't pick it up. Finally my other friend smacks him, saying "well say something!" All he could get out was, "Oh my God." Then he just stood there for at least another 30 seconds not being able to say anything then he barely manages to get out, "you look nice." The entire way to the prom he kept telling me how amazing I looked, but he kept tripping over his words. It was wonderful. So yeah that was a time when I felt my most sexy and beautiful. I always say Mark gave me the best compliment I ever recieved.. without saying a thing. And I think thats my favorite memory from high school, I felt beautiful and comfortable in my skin. And I still and almost giggle when I think of it to this day.