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_friends_'s Journal

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All Members , Moderated
- If you choose to post quizzes or surveys, please keep them in LJ Cut.
- Do not disrespect other members, treat them as you would like to be treated.
- Respect other's opinions
- No Spamming.
- No Porn/Disturbing Pictures/Stories. Keep it clean.
- You may post about new Communities but dont overdo it.
- Have a great time =)
add me, agoraphobia, alternative, angels, animals, anime, anti-war, avril lavigne, backstreet boys, bbw, bbws, beaches, bears, beats, bi, bikers, bipolar, bisexual, blues, bored, britney spears, buddhist, butch, butch queers, catholic, cats, christopagans, chubby chasers, chubs, college kids, comment junkies, comment whores, communities, computers, consciousness raising, crystals, cubs, depression, divorce, dogs, dolls, dorks, dykes, email, emo, enya, fat, fat admirers, fat dyke, fat dykes, felines, femme, fesbian lemonists, folk, food, freaks, friends, friendship, gay, geeks, goth, grrls, having friends, heightened awareness, hippies, homosexual, international no diet day, internet, jesus, jimi hendrix, junk food, kitties, kiwis, lesbian, lj, lj addicts, lj friends, london, lonely, love, luna, madonna, making friends, mania, manic-depression, meeting new people, midlife, modern art, moon, movies, music, new age christians, new age music, pagan, paxil, peace, people of size, philosophy, photography, poems, poetry, pop, prayer, psychology, punk, quakers, queens, queers, quizzes, r & b, rants, raves, religion, rock, rolling stones, rubenesque, san francisco, seattle, seniors, size esteem, ska, spice girls, spirit guides, spirituality, stars, stoners, straight, super bbws, taoism, teddy bears, teens, terrestrial radio, theater, thirty somethings, toons, tori amos, totem animals, trannies, trans, twenty somethings, venting, vibes, warm fuzzies, womyn of color, writing, yaoi, yuri, zaftig, zen


криминал, образование, общество, работа, экология, кино, спорт, еда, животные, путешествия, медицина, здоровье, авто, дача, дизайн, мода, it, компьютеры, производство, техника, россия, юмор, отзывы, театр

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