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Hi there guys!

I've returned to the livejournal world after many years of leaving the blogosphere, only to find all of my old fellow LJ friends have all disappeared! So I believe it's time to make some new ones! :)

I'm 22, female and a uni student residing in Australia. 
  • I'm a keen listener of all types of rock and indie music. Radiohead, David Bowie, the Cure, Damien Rice, the Birds and the Bees, Janelle Monae, Elliot Smith, Adele...and the list goes on.
  • I can appreciate all forms of art. As of the moment, I'd like to explore photography but lack the equipment. but it's something I want to look into, i just need the right people to help me!
  • I LOVE fashion and shopping. I think it consumes about 65% of my daily thoughts, hahaa. Having sad that, I'm clueless about high end fashion and brands. I'm more into vintage, original pieces or simply whatever I deem to look good.
  • I dream of earning enough one day to dedicate a few good solid months of travelling
  • love love comedies. On a bad day, i slip in either a Arrested Development, Seinfeld, The Office  or Flight of the Conchords episode and I'm all happy and perky again.

DO ADD if you find any common interests! I'd love to get to know people from all walks of life.

But please DON'T add if
  • if you're looking to read some really profound, life altering verses and stories, I'm sorry, I don't think you'll find it here. I'm a simple person - I like to jot down my day to day happenings (which could be totally mundane and superficial) , photos along with some other stuff that may tickle my fancy.
  • like to create discussions around Twilight and similar fandom

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