September 17th, 2005

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I'm Katie. I'm 13, And I play the guitar. This is me.

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Music. Kool Aid. Subway. Church. Guys with shaggy hair. Laughing at
stupid stuff. Preppy Guys. Smiles. Peasant Skirts. Rue 21. Shopping.
Getting Hyper. Football Games. Pizza. Band. Doggies. Baby Blue. Pink.
Butterflies. Hanging with friends. God. ice cream. Playing Guitar.
Singing. tic tacs. Talking on my celly. Taking Pictures. Colorful
stuff. candy. stickers. late night parties. Rollar Costers. Juice.
Painting. iltalian food. chocolate. claires. ice skating. myspace.
rollar skating. spring. swimming. talking on the phone. tanning bed.
writing. yahoo messenger. youth group.

liars. theves. clowns. bossy people. untrustful people. Jerks. Skanks.
seafood. racists. judgemental people. people who make fun of others to
make themselves feel better. Old western movies. Jojo. brats. fakes.
concieted people. 60's Music. You, probably.

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