August 22nd, 2005

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*Miss Bethy*

*Turns 23 in just 7 days!*

*LJ/myspace addict*

*Loves: God, singing, meeting new people, reading, kindness, cuddling, romance, movies, American Idol, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Evan Farmer, travel, shopping, the beach, anything Disney, Andy Roddick, Jessica Simpson, sports, Ohio State Buckeye football, family, friends, road trips, pictures, children, animals, and lots more! Read my profile to get to know me better.*

*Is looking for: People who are genuinely nice and sincere, who like to comment/receive comments, like to post pictures (I do also), can type properly and use proper grammar, and don't swear often. If this is you, please comment on my friends only entry, I'd love to meet you!*


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My names Sian, im 15 from England, but im a mature 15 year old :). I dont talk in the annoying way "LyK DiZ", although sometimes i do write words the improper way. If people are gonna add me and like me, i want them to like me for me. I'm who i am and if you dont it, fuck you!:). However if you do like me: comment!:)

To find out more about me look at my user info, im into mostly r n b / hip hop music but if that effects your opinions on people and makes you dislike them then your a shallow person for not getting to know the person behind it.

I hate racism, people who stereotype people as "goth, trendy, chav, emo" etc..people are who they are, like them or fuck off.

I like to think I’m a nice person, unless people get on the wrong side of me:P

Anything else you want to know, ask!:)

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