August 19th, 2005


let's hold hands... nah really let's be friends!

don't add me to make your list bigger.
actually comment and give me your opinions.
I update live journal all the time and I comment people's entries.
I don't comment usually on the same day, but I try to keep up ya know.
let's be friends. don't be shy!

Name is Gabriela. Most common nickname is Gabby.
My age is currently 15 years old. The birthday is May 14th.
I am a Christian and follower in Christ. God, I love you ♥!
The religion I am is a Baptist.
My grade in which I am in high school and a Sophmore.
Don't smoke. Don't Drink. Don't Do drugs. Don't Swear. Anything that's dumb.
I am funny, weird, cool, dorky, giggly, awesome.
I make up jokes, of course anything to make someone laugh.
Living with the parents and the older brother
He's 18 and can drive..
Awesome I know!
Music is a awesome thing.
Friends can be a drag, but something to be a thankful for.
My passion is writing poetry.
Got a boyfriend, let's call him Kyle!
Anything else?
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Screw You Waldo!

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Heather ~ 18 ~ senior in high school ~ homebody ~ very nice unless you get on my bad side ~ biggest Jennifer Love Hewitt fan ~ shy ~ obsessed with Livejournal ~ comments alot ~ likes to get comments ~ I love my cat ~ watch tv alot ~ funny ~ VERY sarcastic ~ loves rain and cloudy weather ~ doesn't like overrated anything ~ goes on alot ~ can't wait for Christmas to come ~ rambles in my entries alot ~ gets excited over the tiniest things ~ extremely devoted to those I love ~ VERY VERY VERY pro-life ~ can't stand Paris Hilton ~ loves to cook ~ change my layout alot ~ I'm big on horror movies ~ Jack Bauer is my hero

I want people with similar interests to me. It doesn't matter what race you are, what sex you are, whether you're gay or not. I'm not judgemental. But I like reading people's journals who like the same things and/or have some of the same views I do.

Disclaimer I am girly. Very. But does that mean I TyPe LyKEz AN eeDiOt?!111!2 NO. Does it mean I am the typical stereotype of a girly girl? In some ways yes. If you're one of "those" people who thinks all girly girls are evil, you might be surprised about me. I'm not what you think. I'll watch a blood & guts gory horror movie over The Notebook anyday.