August 10th, 2005

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Um...Hi *waves*
I thought of posting an entry here, I'd like to have some more friends in LJ :) *hopefully*

I'm *Niffly* (it's a nickname, I know), I'm 18 years old, a girl and Aquarius.
I'm totally (totally!) obsessed with Harry Potter.
I like chocolate and winter.I like reading and writing. And listening to music. I would very much like to draw as well, but I'm not good at that.
I spend many hours online.
I'm a University student
I like watching movies, but I always forget to rent the DVDs so I can't say I'm a movie expert.
Lately I'm taking many surveys!
I can't tell you many things about my character, I change my mind a lot about who I am :D (Though I know I'm imaginative, honest, sometimes TOO talkative and sometimes not at all)
Well, I like commenting and getting comments.

~My journal is Friends Only (most of the time), so if you want to added and add me, just leave a comment.
You just have to comment from time to time and I'll comment on your journal. And it's better if you're not very judgemental and "mean". If you have in mind just to leave mean, judgemental and bitter comments, don't add me, lol (or if you have in mind not to comment at all!).

Well, for more information look at my info page and the comments in my journal- those that aren't for friends only :) (They're mostly surveys)
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