July 8th, 2005

(no subject)

hey my names brittany i am in the eigth grade live in alabama and wanna make sum new friends.i have hazel eyes i weigh round 107 pounds and am bout 5'2.i also have brown hair w/ blonde streaks.i am in the band but i am not weird not everybody is.my fave bands/singers are kelly clarkson,will smith,simple plan,mariah carey,nick lachey,jessica simpson,ryan cabrera,the pussycat dolls,50 cent,avril lavigne,and bowlin for soup.i dont like drugs alchohol,heights,sharks,TREY ROBERTS,cody woods,school lunches,backstabbers,snobs,people who think they are better,and people who act like something there not.i am sweet(to people i like),i am not actually a mean person but i can be if u get me mad.i luv boys and mtv.i know some people dont like to hear this but i dont care what they say or think but yes i am spoiled and a shopaholic.i am in an in and out relationship right now.i have a a number of pets.i have a labrador who stays indoors,2 fish, and 2 hamsters.i talk on the phone constantly and sometimes lose my concentration cuz im thinkin bout a guy i like and also cant always concentrate cuz i basically no commen sense but do okay in school.my friends r always makin nicknames for me like a klutz cuz i have broken 2 fingers my arm and jammed my finger within a year and hooters and well i think u know why i got that name!well thats about it if u wanna no more go to my info.add me please!