June 7th, 2005


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totally new to LJ &i figured it'd be cool to have some friends on here.

basicially i'm kate, i'm 17 &i live in dual states.

i use "haha" way too much when i'm writing...&i tend start most sentences with &or so, even though it annoys the crap out of me. i often change the topic of conversation while i'm in the middle of a sentence. i'm diagnosed OCD &undiagnosed ADD (( just like the rest of the world, right?! )).

i listen to whatever i'm in the mood for at the time, &it's not unusual for me to leave 1 song on repeat for days (( currently it's goodbye by earshot )).

extreme caution advised.Collapse )

comment friends entry &jazz.

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Hey! I’m HK.
I’m looking for some friends.
I comment as much as I can.

*listening to music* (I can’t go a day without listening to music)
*writing* (I write anything sensible under the sun – poems, stories, songs, name it)
*reading* (go ahead and call me a geek, what can I say, I adore books)
*going beyond the social norms* (from fashion sense to ideas, I don’t want to be defined by stereotypes)
*radicality* (pretty self-explanatory)

*DISCRIMINATION* (I loathe ALL kinds of discrimination, from racism to homophobia, so if you’re judgmental and prejudiced, FUCK off)
*Stereotyping people* (it’s somehow similar to discrimination so it’s a big no-no in my book)

More About Me
*I’m in a band* (I’m the vocalist)
*I’m very friendly* (really, I am)
*I’m also very open-minded*

If you want to know more about me, go here and see for yourself if I’m your kind of girl.

My journal is friends only, so if you want to add me go to my friends only page and comment. Don’t worry, I’d most likely add you back!