May 1st, 2005

Watta a nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cross-posted)

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my ears are still ringing . . .

shit,man,toad's place was freakin' hott last nite ! ! !

i was walking towards the gourmet heaven on broadway
from the gourmet heaven on whitney avenue in new haven
past the cemetary and a chorus of voices said:


so i went . . .

this size 24? 26? goddess in an aqua spandex two-piece dress
was making incredible moves to '80's tunes on the dance floor.

i gave her the magic wand i had in my backpack . . .

the music changed to hip-hop and,
soce,you should have been there,
i did the hottest hip-hop dance
in the center of the dance floor . . .

eventually the goddess decided that she could
dance to hip-hop and we did various dances
from the '70's,'80's and '90's together . . .

she even got into my new dance,Manicure,
the hand jive where i raise up my hands towards the celing,
look up directly at the stage lights,
and twist my fingers and wrists
and watch the reflections on my high-gloss clear nail polish . . .

Bless you,
Salon Glitter,
for all the manicures,pedicures,
and my honey blonde halo hair coloring ! ! !

though she was too shy to raise
those wonerful wiffly arms of hers . . .

and i really wanted to take off my shirt . . .

at different points in the nite . . .

i became Chris Farley,
Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain,Donald O'Connor,
Shirley McClaine from Sweet Charity--
with my leg raised on the bar
in the front of the stage,
Twyla Tharp,
Rudolph Nureyev,
Margot Fonteyn . . .

oh,man,The Dead Can Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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and last nite i was the hottest thing on the dance floor
drinking cranberry juice . . .

add me if you wish . . .

no prior permission required.
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