April 3rd, 2005


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Hi! I'm looking for new lj friends, so I thought I'd try this out once more. I'm a guy and a junior in high school. I am open-minded, yet extremely un-pc. Add me if you're fifteen or above and have decent typing abilities. Please don't be emo. I'd hate to have a bunch of whiney homos on my f-list (However, non-emo homos are welcome as I am convinced Jesus placed them on earth to give us all mirth and joy). Read my user info for more information and comment on the specified post :D

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im under 18, thats all you need to know.
i take alot of pictures, you can see more in my journal.
i like everything every other teenager likes.
shows, shopping, cigarettes, hanging with my friends.
im a camera whore, sue me.
im only a bitch if you deserve it.
if you want to be friends,
leave a comment on my (friends only entry).

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