March 23rd, 2005

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Don't shoooot, I'm new!

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Well, I'm Carol.. A strange Filipina living in Brooklyn, New York. Looking for active LJ buddies -- yes, it says I have 91 friends, but most of them never post.

Once I get my new digicam, you'll be seeing more pictures. Pictures are always good substitutes for real entries.. Sometimes I rant about different parts of life.. mostly the darker side, since I'm a babbling idiot when it comes to positive emotions. I can be a comment whore, but I find that lately I don't have time to comment on every single entry on my friends page.

Lately, I've been listening to Across Five Aprils, Armor for Sleep, As I Lay Dying, Bach, Beethoven, The Bled, Blood Has Been Shed, Eisley, Emiliana Torrini, Fall Out Boy, Fear Before the March of Flames, Gatsby's American Dream, Haste, Her Space Holiday, The Hope Consiracy, Hopesfall, It Dies Today, Metric, Midtown, Radiohead, Saosin, Straylight Run, Thursday, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Unearth, The Used, X Japan, Yuki, Zao.

Let's be friends, suckaaa!! ♥ ♥Collapse )

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