March 9th, 2005

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Okay, so I need new LJ friends. I just made a brand new journal and have no one to comment on/get comments from.

Hey my name's Sam. I'm 18, open-minded, addicted, intelligent, decent, bitchy, moody, sweet, ect.

I do drugs.

I have a boyfriend.

I take lots of pictures and update my journal accordingly. There are a lot of entrys of my friends and I staying up all night pooking out on a speed binge.

I'm real.

I'm short.

I breakdance.

I go to underground electronic music parties, frequently.

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I am very active on LJ and love reading and commenting on other people's journals as long as they're interesting. I have ADHD and a few bad habits.

If you like me so far you can read my info and then procede to my journal where you can post in my "Friends Only" entry. I will then check out you journal and if I find you interesting enough, I'll add you.

Please don't reply to this post telling me to add you, do so on my friends only page in my journal to make things a little more easy on me.

♥ to all my new friends.


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All about me:

I am Alexandra
I am 17
I adore Sea Otters
I love most things Disney
I am currently single
I an an emotional basket case more often than not
I dream of one day living in California/Bay Area
I currently live in Michigan and absolutely despise it.
I grew up in Vegas and desperatly miss the west
I am going to Southern Utah University in the fall (No I am not Mormon, no offense)
I am an aspiring Actress {Stage} but too much of a realist to have hopes of making it one day, so I have back up plans, consisting of Iterior design/set design, marine biology (animal behavior), and possibly criminology. yes..Ill be one of those college student who changes their major 8 times.
I am addicted to LiveJournal and update atleast once a day, and I try to comment a lot.
I have yet to make it through someones entry where every other word is spelled like "dis" or "dat". So if thats you, turn away now!

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If you are intrigued by me, or hell even if you arent. leave a comment on my Friends Only page and Ill add you. =)
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