February 21st, 2005

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I'm new to this community.

My name is Ashley and I'm fifteen, & I'm from Ohio.

A few things about me - Most importantly, I enjoy listening to most genres of music. Aside from that, writing, reading, tennis, local shows, and hanging out are all [ hobbies ] of mine.

So yeah, if you want to add me, please do. Comment and I'll add you back. Also, if for some reason you want to instant message me or whatever, my AIM is istiLLframei.

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Am I cool enough for you?

Journal: newsong
Personal Website: TwylaCentral.com

Mini Bio:
LiveJournaller for several years
Favourite color is just that - color. But if I must limit it to one, orange.
University, Voice Major in B. Mus. degree, first year.
I make icons, write poetry...
Favourite band: Switchfoot
Favourite book: Impossible to pick. Fantasy and old classics are my faves.

Look me up if you think I might be cool. My journal doesn't have a lot of private entries. Crossposted.
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Im just a person looking for some one to chat with.
Read my userinfo...
I;m nice, truthful, Im sorry but I am an average person but I dont have an average personality.
Im really just looking for friends, not someone in for appearances. picky people looking for perfection all lie.
anyways give me a chance and I will give you one.
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