February 20th, 2005


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i'm mary kate.
i rep the 6-1-7.
i listen to mostly hardcore music.
i adore makeup and fashion...
but that doesn't mean i can't kick your ass in a moshpit.
i'm insanely quirky & goofy & sarcastic.
if you wanna know more about me click hereCollapse ) & read my info.

please don't add me if you are under the age of fifteen or can't handle my swearing problem.

i'm usually a really nice person, i don't bite i promise. [well, most of the time.]
but add me first & only comment on my friends only entry or else i may be forced to sick my mob buddies on you!

add me if you wanna shake things up a bit loves

x-posted like whoa, 'cause i'm such a whore.