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your one stop friend shop

A community for the friendless who want friends
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All Members , Moderated
This community is to find lj users who have similar interests and create friendships.
Hi everyone!
Welcome to _friendless___.
This community was made to help new LJ users,
and people who are just feeling plain lonely,
find some new LJ friends with similar interests.
Below, you will find a survey that you can fill out and post in the community.
Feel free to fill out everything, or feel free to just fill out the basics!
Add pictures, customize it, anything you'd like!
Let your personality show!
I'd prefer if you did the survey as your intro post,
but if you don't have time,
you can just do a quick check-in and introduce yourself!

Oh, and one more thing!
If you could enclose a picture of yourself,
or an image to represent your username,
for the member's section of the user info, I'd appreciate it!

Here's the survey!



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