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Name: Maude
Age: 22, if i must confess
Location: Sydney


Eye Color: i prefer keeping these things a mystery :)

Hair Color:

Boyfriend/girlfriend?:no * melancholy sigh*

Pets: a cat

Occupation: Mostly i'm a bum.

Dream Job: a job at all would be nice. But ideally i think something to do with the enviroment- a community organiser,research, education. or a writer if i could write. or a physicist.

Instruments played: None. i tried to the play the guitar but my bad wrists screwed that up. i was thinking of learning the tabla.

Hobbies: gardening, knitting, makng stuff, watching science fiction series.

Goals: Its just depressing to think about goals at the moment

Favorite Book(s):19th century novels. patrick white.

Favorite Movie(s): i went insane over lord of the rings.The diving bell and the butterfly. star trek. up. also love whimsical french films.

Favorite Magazine(s): don't really read magazines that often. If i was going to be dedicated enough to i'd probably read scientific american, the monthly, maybe london or NY review of books.

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Favorite Actor: Viggo Mortensen

Favorite Actress: Toni Collete, Cate Blanchett

Favorite Food: curry, pasta. dark chocolate.

Favorite Drink: tea

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Scent: coffe. also gardenia

Favorite Season: winter.

Favorite Day of the week: thursday and sunday.

Favorite Store: op shops.

Favorite Quote:

How would do describe yourself? at the moment i'm going through a rough patch. I'm not really sure how to describe myself anymore. I've always been shy, to the extent of social anxiety sometimes. I don't really have the passion i use to, because of clincal depression. It makes me sad. I've made a lot of mistakes. There aren't a lot of people in my life. but i would like there to be more, I'm interested in people. It takes a while but i think i can say that once i form a bond with someone i'm loyal to a fault.

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:

001: My self esteem.

002: My zombie brain

003: My skin


[Bold whichever you are (or both)]

Shy or Outgoing?

Spender or Saver?

Truth or Dare?

or Movies?

Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?

Cats or Dogs?

or Beach?

Sweet or Salty? bittersweet :)


The last CD you bought? um its been so long

The last movie you saw in the theater? harry potter

The last movie you rented? aah i think it was a jacques tati film.

Your greatest fear? being alone and disconnected. Not finding real lasting friendships.

Your greatest strength? listening, loyalty.

Your greatest weakness? my social anxiety and lack of self esteem. running away from things i'm afraid of or anxious about.


Abortion: pro choice.

Homosexuality: its all good.small minded prejudice drives me mad.

Miracles: Maybe.

Astrology: amusing sometimes.

War: senseless, horrific, a waste. why do we do these awful things to each other? the fact that we have to die one day is already bad enough.

Ghosts: I like the idea of them haunting graveyards and creeky old houses. There's a cool graveyard near by i would like to sleep in, but i wouldn't want to do it alone.

Reincarnation: sometimes i like to believe in it. It's a nice idea, getting another chance.

Karma: Sometimes it works. But i've seen people get away with terrible things. and often, ultimately there are no real consequences.

Luck: wish i had more of it.
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