July 5th, 2010

well hai

Name: nikki
Age: 17
Location: some boring town


Eye Color: greeen with a lil brown dot in my left eye

Hair Color: Brown and needs to be cut

Boyfriend/girlfriend?: boyfriend

Pets:  i have a dog named chessie, cat named lilly, and two birds named percy and leto

Occupation: well right now its summer so i guess my job is to make sure i dont waste away from laziness

Dream Job: a veterinarian

Instruments played: taught myself to play the piano a little bit

Hobbies:my hobbies would be watching various shows like house, scrubs, and food competitions such as hells kitchen and cupcake wars, and also watchin animes. I also sometime venture to paint or draw.

Goals: to do something great

Favorite Book(s): watership down, anne rice's vampire series, most things by roald dahl, dune, and ender's war

Favorite Movie(s): most funny, scary and gory, and some actiony movies, oh and psychological 

Favorite Magazine(s): dont really read those.

Favorite TV Show: the simpsons ftw

Favorite Actor:  hugh laurie, john cusack, zach braff, charlie chaplin

Favorite Actress: hm cant remember their names

Favorite Food: tomatoes fresh off the vine on really hot days

Favorite Drink: sprecker's ginger ale

Favorite Color: i cant decide they are all so pretty

Favorite Scent: fresh bread

Favorite Season: spring time

Favorite Day of the week: saturday :D

Favorite Store:  a real candy store would be nice..

Favorite Quote: i dont really have one

How would do describe yourself? im usually quiet, but if i do get to talking im always trying to come up with something funny to say because laughter is awesome ^^ and im also sorta negative and sarcastic.

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:

001: people skills

002: being unmotivated

003: thats aboot it


[Bold whichever you are (or both)]

Shy or

Spender or Saver?

Truth or Dare?

Books or Movies?

Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?

Cats or Dogs?

Mountain or Beach?

Sweet or Salty?


The last CD you bought? i think it was one of the shins albums

The last movie you saw in the theater?toy story 3 and it was so cute

The last movie you rented? ponyo and orphan

Your greatest fear? like i would tell you

Your greatest strength? ii have no idea

Your greatest weakness? being surrounded by a large group of people xp


Abortion: go ahead if you feel its best, i mean the world has enough unwanted children

Homosexuality: love in itself is beautiful, share it with whomever you wish

Miracles: i guess they happen, not sure if ive ever witnessed one

Astrology: is cool i guess

War: i dont much like violence

Ghosts: would scare the crap out of me if i ran into one o.o;

Reincarnation: it would be sorta nice

Karma: oh ive witnessed karma XD

Luck: if only..
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