Birdmad Girl (sortastuck) wrote in _friendless___,
Birdmad Girl

Hello! I'm bored so be my friend :)

Name: wouldn't you like to know
Age: 21
Location: Mississippi, US

Eye Color: blue with a spot of brown
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Weight: 117, goal is 105!
Height: 5'6
Boyfriend/girlfriend?: boyfriend but I want a girlfriend
Pets: a dog who I never see
Occupation: college actually
Dream Job: creating art for a living
Instruments played: piano for a year but it never went anywhere
Hobbies: kinda wrapped up in getting fit right now but I usually like to read, write, draw, get to know people, get outdoors and go new places
Goals: graduate college, move to a big city, get a good job, acquire an awesome apartment, settle into life really
Favorite Band: The Cure, hands down
Favorite Books: Robinson Crueso totally absorbed me, The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings triology (want to read them again), Harry Potter for a time (never read the last two) - can't think of anything else but I'm sure there are plenty more
Favorite Movies: Lost In Translation, One Hour Photo, Něco z Alenky (Alice) - I like surreal movies with heavy visuals and odd plots
Favorite TV Show: The L Word (<333), Dexter, Coffee Prince,
Favorite Anime Shows: Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Skip Beat!
Favorite Food: salad with shredded cheddar cheese right now - I'm so in love with it
Favorite Drink: hot coffee. nothing beats it
Favorite Color: blueish greens, like a Monet pond
Favorite Scent: cigarette smoke and gasoline, damp forest leaves, warm sheets, and the wind
Favorite Season: cloudy skies just before a storm in any season - winter is my least favorite though
Favorite Day of the week: wednesday right now because it's my short day at school
Favorite Store: Walgreens! they have everything
Favorite Quote: Can't change the past but you can the future. something like that but more witty.
How would you describe yourself? Introspective, quiet, easily excitable, unhappy at times, but mostly just annoying and unpredictable.

3 Things You Would Change About Yourself
- my teeth
- my quiet personality
- my skin

[Bold whichever you are (or both)]
Shy or Outgoing?
Spender or Saver?
Truth or Dare
Books or Movies?
Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?
Cats or Dogs?
Mountain or Beach?
Sweet or Salty?
The last CD you bought? who buys CDs anymore? I would like to get my hands on some She Wants Revenge music
The last movie you saw in the theater? Youth in Revolt - it sucked
The last movie you rented? netflix instant play = love
Your greatest fear? being left or locked out
Your greatest strength? can sleep through fire alarms (and have done so twice!)
Your greatest weakness? bullies. make me cry everytime.

Abortion: it's a woman's choice and there are enough unloved people in this world
Homosexuality: it's a person choice and I think it's beautiful when two people are in love
Feminist?: I believe that woman and men should be seen as equal in every which way, and gender steroytypes and roles do nothing but detract from our quality of life
Miracles: yeah, in the sense that it's crazy mad luck
Ghosts: I don't have any evidence but I would like to believe in them
Reincarnation: would be nice but it always leaves a small opening for you to come back as an amoeba
Karma: simple: you get what you give
Luck: yeah, luck is everywhere

So there you are. I'm a bit too bored to put much else but I'm always open to messages. Seriously, I have no friends and I miss having people ot talk to so if you think we could get along than what's to stop us from having fun and getting to know each other?


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