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The Basics


Name: Alex
Age: 19
Location: Karlruhe


Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brownish

Boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope...

Pets: A dog; Luna

Occupation:  I'm just a college student who has no idea what she is studying

Dream Job: Writer

Instruments played: I try to learn to play keyboard.... Well, in 20 years I may be a passable player^^

Hobbies: I'm always obsessed with something. When I was little it were animes then TV-shows and now slash fanfiction.  Well my only obsession that old is the one of Japan which is why I try to learn Japanese and chess even if I'm still horrendously bad.

Goals: To graduate from college, find friends

Favorite Book(s): Anything by Jane Austen. Twilight and Harry Potter though I like the fanfiction better.

Favorite Movie(s): I love bad movies. The kind of movies where you think 'that was predictable/ that is so stupid' but are nonetheless funny/sweet/scary.

Favorite Magazine(s): Nope, don't have money for magazines.

Favorite TV Show: Stargate(both), Smallville(because it's just a long bad movie), Charmed(except the last season), Desperate Housewives(is nice... sometimes),Grey Anatomie(it is sad that it is basically a PWP) and many more.... I probably have no taste

Favorite Actor: -

Favorite Actress: Drew Barrymore

Favorite Food: German cusine;) ...or pancakes^^

Favorite Drink: peppermint tea is my current addiction

Favorite Color: violet

Favorite Scent: floral

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Day of the week: Monday

Favorite Store: all supermarkets are the same in Germany

Favorite Quote:

How would do describe yourself? I'm always polite to stranger, when one first gets to know me. I'm wary of most people until I warm up to them, then I'm mostly funny with very dark humor and lots of innuedos. I'm very sarcastic.  I'm very protective of my best friend or generally people I think are mistreated, in that case I lose the respect I have for strangers and have a sharp tongue. 
But mostly I'm a nerd/geek whatever the right term is I've no idea but I love to concentrate on things.

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:

001: My unableness to finish asignments/projects I begun

002: My social skills

003: My body


[Bold whichever you are (or both)]

Shy or Outgoing
? I can be both depends on whom I with. My best friend would laughed when I told her my boss called me shy.

Spender or Saver?

Truth or Dare?

Books or Movies? Books, if I don't have company and movies, if I have.

Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure? Depends on my mood

Cats or Dogs?

Mountain or Beach?

Sweet or Salty?


The last CD you bought? Don't know I mostly buy if I like the cover but I think it was a best album of Nightwish.

The last movie you saw in the theater? Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The last movie you rented? Ummm... renting a movie in Germany is expensive and not common.... apart from xxx video rental store there aren't any.

Your greatest fear? Being alone.

Your greatest strength? My sense of humor.

Your greatest weakness? Being afraid to be myself.


Abortion: I think a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body. Yeah, I agree.

Homosexuality: I think everyone who claims to love someone but than says homosexuality is wrong; is a big hypocrit. After all love is about the person and their character not about their body. If you love someone one shouldn't care for gender. Well, at least I don't. And really moaning about that they can't have children is ridiculous because if society would just accept everyone like they are they could adopt and everyone would be happy if it weren't for narrow-minded people.

Miracles: We there is some good in the world. We would be more aware of them if the press wouldn't only always report disasters. 

Astrology: Not my cup of tea.

War: Will end humanity someday....don't care to find out in my lifetime.

Ghosts: Nope there aren't any.

Reincarnation: Pointless, if you don't remember your  previous life. It doesn't matter if you are reincarnarated or not.

Karma: Oh, I believe that everyone get what he deserves.

Luck: would be nice ^^
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