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THE BASICS Name: Karl Age: 22 Location: Sweden ABOUT YOU Eye…

A community for the friendless who want friends

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Name: Karl
Age: 22
Location: Sweden


Eye Color: Green/gray-ish. Not very eye catching.

Hair Color:

Boyfriend/girlfriend? A what?

Pets: I would LOVE a cat, in a few years perhaps.

Occupation: Library and Information Science student

Dream Job: My dream job would be a writer, but realistically a librarian, which I will become in three years or so if things turn out the way I hope.

Instruments played: Sadly no, which I regret horribly now. I can´t find the motivation to start now, it´s all taken up by studies.

Hobbies: This is the sad part, none. Sure, I like to read and listening to music but that hardly counts.

Goals: Finish university. Tons of small goals is included in that though

Favorite Book(s): Anything by Kurt Vonnegut.

Favorite Movie(s): Probably this obscure swedish film The Adventures of Picasso. Too many to mention.

Favorite Magazine(s): Don´t really read magazines, not regularly.

Favorite TV Show: The Office, Extras, Mighty Boosh. I don´t own a TV though...

Favorite Actor:

Favorite Actress:

Favorite Food: Spicy chilis, bananas

Favorite Drink: I drink mostly water or milk. Sometimes juice.

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Scent:

Favorite Season: Autumn and Winter

Favorite Day of the week: Saturday and Sunday. Especially really early in the morning.

Favorite Store: Thriftstores

Favorite Quote:

How would do describe yourself? Loner, which I want to do something about. But it´s so incredibly difficult. I started university a few weeks ago and i´ve yet to talk to anyone for more then 2 minutes. I spend my days in the university library until the minute they close and then straight home to my small "dorm"ish room where I wait for class to start again. I don´t have any friends in my old hometown and none on the internet. I feel a strong urge to talk to someone for more then a few sentences and it´s killing me that I can´t do it.

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:

001: My size.

002: My ability to motivate myself

003: My (lack off ) social skills


[Bold whichever you are (or both)]

Shy or Outgoing?

Spender or Saver?

Truth or Dare?

or Movies?

Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure? Too difficult to choose

Cats or Dogs?

or Beach?

Sweet or Salty? A little of both


The last CD you bought? Might have been something by Frank Zappa

The last movie you saw in the theater? Honestly can´t remember. Been ages.

The last movie you rented? I remember renting Full Metal Jacket but not watching it for some reason.

Your greatest fear? being alone and disconnected. Not finding real lasting friendships. (Same as a previous poster)

Your greatest strength? listening, loyalty.(Same as a previous poster)

Your greatest weakness? my social anxiety and lack of self esteem. running away from things i'm afraid of or anxious about. (Same as a previous poster)


Abortion: Pro choice

Homosexuality: Go nuts. Doesn´t bother me.

Miracles: No, I believe in good things happening.

Astrology: No

War: I don´t understand it.

Ghosts: I haven´t seen one so no. Would be cool though.

Reincarnation: It´s a nice thought but no, I don´t believe in it.

Karma: Couldn´t possibly believe in it. However, if it would make people treat eachother better I don´t see any harm in believing it

Luck: Would need some right now

I hope I did this right, haven´t posted on LJ for years.
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