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your one stop friend shop

A community for the friendless who want friends



March 20th, 2012

Оriginal fr rurik1 в NATO PLANE CRASH /погiб Hercules C130J

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December 15th, 2011

(no subject)

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I'm not sure if this community is still active, but I'm terribly lonely, and would love to meet some new people. Feel free to add me :)

October 29th, 2011

friend an interesting user, with lots of interesting articles about
politics, traveling, history, showbiz, police etc. below you can read
extract from the latest in [info]ykristianna  в air baltic - шведская сказка по-новому more info under the cut

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September 13th, 2011

LJ [info]0_lechim looking for mutual friends. Latest in  [info]0_lechim :t. о ?! А !

August 20th, 2011

Lets friend [info]ykristianna 
на пространстве жж зажглась ещё одна (пока) маленькая звёздочка, [info]ykristianna 
несмотря на то что её жж всего год с небольшим, за это короткое время уже целый ряд её постов успел побывать в различных топах и жж-таймс.Кто скрывается за этим ником?
Матёрая журналистка или Талантливый новичёк? Не знаю.
Но то каким образом ей удаётся в постах затрагивать самые острые, горячие, спорные темы, включая политику, кавказ и геноцид, при этом оставаясь на высоте говорит о многом. А тот факт что в журнале допускаются комменты полностью идущие в разрез с мнением автора - говорит обо всём остальном ;) Так что прошу любить, френдить, комментить и жаловать [info]ykristianna 

из самого свежего: мнение относительно статьи  ykristianna ( геноцид турок   над армянами )
[info]ykristianna - как Вы расцениваете мнение Брейвика по поводу армянского геноцида?

[info]ruriktochkase. -Если Гитлер считал что мыться это хорошо, то изза этого мы должны считать что мытся это плохо? А если человек считает что мытся это хорошо, то он получается фашист? или покрайне мере симпатизёр фашистким идеям? (оригинал инфо o Брейвикe Террористы УРОДЫ ! ! ! 

January 2nd, 2011

(no subject)

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Eye Color: Hazel. Born with heterochromia brown/green split.
Hair Color: Red,pink,orange,white it's always changing.
Boyfriend/girlfriend?: Complicated
Pets: My lovely cat, Onyx
Occupation: Professional Leech
Dream Job: Queen of money
Instruments played: Piano and guitar.
Hobbies: Makeup, Drawing, Reading, playing Video games, tweaking web layouts, Cooking
Goals: Financial Security
Favorite Book(s): Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Velde. I love young adult and children's stories :]
Favorite Movie(s): Tie between Beauty and the Beast and Kiki's Delivery Service
Favorite Magazine(s): Newtype, Cosmo, Forbes, Everyday Psychology
Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds
Favorite Actor: Alan Rickman
Favorite Actress: Amanda Seyfried
Favorite Food: Octopus
Favorite Drink: Canada Dry Gingerale
Favorite Color: Grey
Favorite Scent: Mint and whatever kitty breath smells like.
Favorite Season: Rainy Season
Favorite Day of the week: Thursday
Favorite Store: Sephora
Favorite Quote: "some people treat their bodies like temples, i treat mine like an amusement park"
How would do describe yourself? i'm extremely dry. I'm sincere and not offended to the point of indifference. I'm logical and caring at the same time. I'm nice and balanced, if you take the time for me i take the time for you.
List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:
001: Make my hair longer
002: Be nicer to people i know instead of just strangers
003: Stop biting my nails

Shy or Outgoing?

Spender or Saver?

Truth or Dare?

Books or Movies?
Movies [sorry book lovers]

Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?

Cats or Dogs?

Mountain or Beach?

Sweet or Salty?

The last CD you bought? The Social Network OST

The last movie you saw in the theater? Tron:Legacy

The last movie you rented? Inception and Dexter Season 1

Your greatest fear? Rubber bands

Your greatest strength? Comforting

Your greatest weakness? Cheesecake


Abortion: Every situation is so delicate and too specific to have a general opinion.

Homosexuality: love is a blessing. There needs to be more of it.

Miracles: are like tragedies, easy to dissect piece by piece.

Astrology: is complicated because i'm born on a cusp.

War: the grass is always greener on the other side.

Ghosts: pretty cool.

Reincarnation: i would love to come back as a housecat.

Karma: Yes.

Luck: Coincidence. 

November 10th, 2010

дружим? / add me. последнеe / latest : Иду по городу, собираюсь интервью в мосульманском раёне зделать. Девушки смотрят - приииятно ;) Причём даже те кто с детьми, тоже смотрят. Ну, что поделать если я сегодня не отразим? :) Я им естественно улыбаюсь в ответ. Прохожу мимо кафе. МУЖИКИ смотрят. причём довольно пристально. Старик какой-то мимо проходит, и полу уважительно, полу одобрительно кивает. Ну, наверное доволен, что я его пропустил в узком месте тротуара. Угу, ещё и вежливый :) И это замечают. ЗДОРОВО! :) Прохожу мимо киоска у автобусной остановки. Там уже чёрнокожий джентельмен, эдак метров двух, не просто смотрит, а ПЯЛИТСЯ!! Тут уже как то  так не по себе  немного.  *камера в рюкзаке, раён стрёмный, если "обувать" начнут, я конечно просто так ничего не отдам, но фиг за меня кто "впишется". Осматриваюсь... 3аскакиваю в киоск. Весь киоск оклеян газетными афишами с приметами одного из терористов/а.

November 6th, 2010

френдим [info]ruriktochkase .
посты из Шведции и о Шведции. из последнего:
освещение terror-style! Теперь у нас будут самые яркие выстрелы!

September 12th, 2010


Name: Brandy
Age: 28
Location: Louisiana, U.S.


Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Husband

Pets: 2 Dogs and a Bird.

Occupation: Sales Associate at Walmart, usually in Lingerie or the Fitting Room, joy. Lol.

Dream Job: Working as a webdesigner from home, or tech support.

Instruments played: I use to play clarinet in band, that was like 6th grade, hehe.

Hobbies: Surfing the net, working and taking care of my kids. Don't have much time for anything else. 

Goals: To get our own house a.s.a.p. and to find away I can work from home.

Favorite Book: Anything by V.C. Andrews, also love Sandra Brown, Marry Higgins Clark, Dean Koontz.

Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption.

Favorite Magazine: Love grabbing Home Business Magazine when I can.

Favorite TV Shows: Law and Order, Roseanne, The Cosby Show, Family Matters, Family Guy.

Favorite Actor: Ashton Kutcher

Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts, Gena Davis, Sandra Bullock.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti and Digornio Pizza!

Favorite Drink: Coffeemilk!

Favorite Color: Orange.

Favorite Scent: Honeysuckle or Magnolia. Wait....Also love the smell of that Dove Body Lotion Cucumber and Green Tea.

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Day Of The Week: Any day I'm off, lol.

Favorite Store: Walmart, hehe.

Favorite Quote: Too many.

How would you describe yourself? Amazing, cool, funny, confident and shy at the same time, crazy, fun to be around, open minded, optimist.

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:

1. Wish I was more outgoing.
2. Wish my nose was slightly smaller.
3. At times wish I had a ghetto butt, lol.



Shy or Outgoing?
Spender or Saver? 
Truth or Dare?
Books or Movies
Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure? 
Cats or Dogs?
Mountain or Beach?
Sweet or Salty? 


The last cd you bought? Oh its been awhile. Think it was like Now Volume 5 or something like that, haha.

The last movie you saw in a theater? Think it was Saving Private Ryan or Punch Drunk Love, not sure.

The last movie you rented? Think a roseanne series from netflix.

Your greatest fear? Going to hell and also watching my loved ones die before me. 

Your greatest strength? Always seeing a reason to be thankful when no one else can.

Your greatest weakness? Lack of motivation.


Abortion: I would never have one. But I don't judge those that have.

Homosexuality: Why is this even an issue? People should be allowed to love and screw whatever sex they choose. 

Miracles: At times...

Astrology: Believe in it off and on.

War: Hate that we have to fight, but support the troops that are out there. Stay strong and God Bless.

Ghosts: Sometimes...

Reincarnation: Think I believe in this, too many times I've felt like I've lived through a certain moment .

Karma: Sometimes. It gets some and others it lets slide, ugh.

Luck: Definitely wish I had more:)

Thank goodness that survey is finished, someone please add me for taking the time to answer all that crap, lmao.

July 12th, 2010

lets TALK!

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myself & I, just me

1.add me and be added :) comment & be commented! Lets talk!

2. Hi! I'm Leo 30, fr. Sweden,Malmö. ocupation:finance.status:single.lookin4friends.pic.of me below. 
The jorunal
is a great illusration of the upsides and down sieds w. LJ.
The downside is very-well known to everyone who has ever bothered to read TOS. We all have no rights here. But 2 upside:
For example about a month ago I wrote a post that was called "generation D". Out of the blue came same people who have read that article, and they asked me to republish my post, in a paper journal that is distributed in 64 countries.(this type of "stuff" does not exactly happened everyday to me. so naturally I said YES!).
Now, during the same "wave" of events I was now all over the sudden asked to give an interview to a multinational TV-station.


2. what did I do? I talked to people, communicated, while being polite.
Just spending some extra time to write an article + posting to a friending communities, such as this one and talking.
Well? Well I have VERY hard time imagining the same turn of events happaning on ANY platform other platform. (ok, may be except youtube). In such short time, such possitive spiral.

3. So? so join me, talk to me & do even better than me! :)
I'll be glad to see you all! Welcome! and if you wish to get some PR in my journal, you can freely write about your self in my LJ in this post:
Lets get to know each other! Who knows? may be that post will be usefull for you too? Join me & do even better than me! :)

another post that is in English can be found HERE:

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