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April 21st 2012 @ 8:12]
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allo dallings! [Wednesday,
November 28th 2007 @ 2:48]
[ mood | blah ]

hi my name is Kali-Sulis . i'm not realy new to LJ per-say but i have a new account and am looking for new freinds stuff. soo woot!

erm lets see what to say about myself what to say.......

mmk here it goes: 

i am a writer, 17yrs old, single, sr. in high school (god this is borring...)

ok interesting stuff...i'm a spiritualist but i practice rituals from most common religions, oh i go to a chatholic school dispite my religious belifes

my best friend is Katty 

i'm much more interesting when i have something specific to talk about

i'm realy into philosophy and am getting into anthropolegy 

soo yeah add me if ya like and i'll add you back

ciao dolls!


June 27th 2006 @ 9:48]

Name: kate
Age: 16
Interests: i figure skate. phote = love. harry potter is basicly the shit. fun is what i do best.
Likes: harry potter. chai tea latte. poliriods. black and whites. swimming. traveling. pictures. models. magazines. movies. tv. 'freinds'. everything.
Dislikes: hamburgers.
Why you think you are a good freind: im loyal. i can keep a secret. i can stand up for my freinds.
Anything else you would like to say about your self: my thumbs my favorite finger.

Hi [Monday,
January 9th 2006 @ 12:19]

[ mood | nervous ]

Name: Shan
Age: 17
Interests: Writting, meeting new and exiting people (Like you), and... other stuff that I can't think of right now.
Likes: I'm a bit of a nerd really *hangs head in shame*. I like Buffy, LOTR, Harry Potter, Lost, House ect.
Dislikes: People who are selfish and fair weather friends.
Why you think you are a good freind: Um... I think that's for the community to decide. But I am a good listener and I'll help if I can in anyone needs it.
Anything else you would like to say about your self: I like fudge.


What Up Yall?! [Thursday,
November 17th 2005 @ 5:41]

Name: Tellie
Age: 20
Interests: Singing, dancing, acting, writing, hanging with my friends, partying, and of course boys
Likes: Orlando Bloom!!!!  Honest people who can be real.   People who dont hold anything back and can talk about life and everything in it.  Cosmopolitian cause its my bible
Dislikes: Um fake people, liars, cheats, Hypocrites, rudeness
Why you think you are a good freind: Becuase my friends say I am?  Maybe Im not :(
Anything else you would like to say about your self:  If you got questions ask... Ill answer whatever you throw my way
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

August 21st 2005 @ 8:13]

Name: Lindsay
Age: 23
Interests: Shopping, movies, concerts, drinking, going to my lake house, watching tv, listening to music.
Likes: Hmmm, same as above I guess. I also like hot men!! Umm, fairies, butterflies, driving, Boston Red Sox and I've just recently started liking NASCAR? Don't ask, haha.
Dislikes: Liars, cheaters, fakes, winter, shallow people.
Why you think you are a good freind: I don't judge people and I'm a good listener. I'm sweet and people tell me I have a great personality too =)
Anything else you would like to say about your self: Ummm, I'm new to LJ and I need friends! You know you wanna add me =D

i need to do this!! [Thursday,
August 4th 2005 @ 4:07]

[ mood | lazy ]

HEy well i didn't know how to do this..but i'm tell stuff alittle about me...
here it goes...

name:Amanda martin
alittle about me:Well i am in the 11 th grade at clarke county high school and i am engaged by a lovely boy and i like to play on the computer alot and i have alot of time to my self cause my boyfriend is crazy like that..well i live with my mom for 5 months..and i live with my dad for almost 16 years but i lived in texas for 3 years i think...my mom is remarried to a guy name donnie which is okay but i don't really like him..♥..I guess thats all..
If u wanna talk just hit me up on livejournal or myspace it is
if u wanna also talk i will talk on aol my aol name is mandi4216..
yahoo is poohbearstar4
hotmail is lilstar64@hotmail.com..
i am always online to talk so jsut hit me up...i might have away message up but if i don't then i'm at the computer or i'm off cause i'm with my man..love yall bye amanda..♥


July 18th 2005 @ 8:56]

Hey if anyone can help prmote that would be kool. Thanks to everyone who's joined already but we need some more people to join. So please promote or at least tell other people about this communtity if you will. It will be appreciated.

July 17th 2005 @ 9:25]

[ mood | crazy ]

Well since I started it I guess I better fill one of these things out
Here Goes.........

Name: Jennifer
Age: 16
Interests: dancing, singing, poetry
Likes: music, The O.C, acting crazy with freinds
Dislikes: snobby people, snakes, cheaters
Why you think you are a good freind: Well I'm always there for my freinds when they need me
Anything else you would like to say about your self: I Love to watch buffy(lol)
Picture: Sadly I don't have a picture


July 16th 2005 @ 4:44]

Name: Jennifer
Age: 20
Interests: I LOVE the beach, taking pix, my kittys, my b/f, rock and techno music, scary movies
Likes: Boys, weather, pizza, friends
Dislikes: mean people, feet, spiders
Why you think you are a good freind: I'm a gr-8 listener and I give great advice without judging anyone.

picCollapse )

Hello! [Friday,
July 15th 2005 @ 8:17]
Name: Vivian Beth
Age: 27 (getting closer to 28)
Interests: Smallville, taking pictures (not really photography but love taking pics of my kids), web design, E-mailing friends, reading, church
Likes: To many things to really list, but I'll put a few. I like all kinds of songs no particular music genra, meeting new people on the internet but not meeting them in person (I know that sounds silly)
Dislikes: being late... can't stand to arrive anywhere late
Why you think you are a good freind: I'm honest and am truely understanding. If I have not experience a particular situation, I am still understanding to my friend's emotions and feelings. I'm not a person who likes to argue or debate, I respect differences even when I don't agree. Kinda like that saying "I may not agree with what you are saying but I'll die for your right to say it" Well, I might die for that right but I'll definately respect your right. :-)
Anything else you would like to say about your self: I'm starting to get addicted to this blogging thing. This is much more fun than IM's. I'm going through a growing emotionally stage in my life and down sizing physically ;-)

For more check out my web page http://www.angelfire.com/ky3/adventdnp2/mommy/ to learn about my rants and things I'm dealing with check out my journal. I'm pretty much an open book right now. :-)

July 14th 2005 @ 7:32]

[ mood | happy ]

Name: Lore
Age: 20
Interests: movies, music, tv, beach, psychology, hanging out with friends, my bf....
Likes:  pretty much the same as my interest, I like music, all kinds really, hanging out with my friends, going out with my girlsfriends, watching movies at my sofa, I'm really lay back thou
Dislikes:I don't like smokes and onions *LOL*
Why you think you are a good freind: because I care about my friendships and I like to listen and help out my friends everytime they need me. I just like to be around them ;)
Anything else you would like to say about your self: no really
PicCollapse )


July 14th 2005 @ 2:54]

Name:Brian Claborn
Interests: Music, movies, basketball, history, chilling with close friends, all kinds of things.
Likes:honesty, courage, sense of humor, spontanuity, having fun
Dislikes: dishonesty, cowards, smart asses, stupid people, annoying people, snobby people, the list goes on and on.
Why you think you are a good freind: because i am a great listener, i try to give good advice, i am honest and trustworthy, i always got your back, and i love to hang out and have fun.
Anything else you would like to say about your self: im insane. lol
Picture: You know what I look like sis.

July 12th 2005 @ 12:53]

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