August 26th, 2004


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;;Insomnia for five nights straight and nothing else to do, I've decided I want to get back into the RP. So I am going to re-vamp the layout of the community etc. Note I am much better now [with layouts etc].. Hoping to get this place up and running in no time.

..anyone still interested, you know how to contact me.

*Solace [aka sigmaxiii which is no more];;

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what the hsilhgslhglhsl hell!

I feel very very VERY stupid right now. In my lack of sleep haze I put all the accounts I had moderating this community as "removed" so now I can no longer fix it.. I plan on making a new one, and will post the link when it is it.

Or IM me:

AIM: Lift the Doubt
Y!: lift_the_doubt

Color me stupid.

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