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hey everyone I know this is spam like but please read.
I'm starting up a matrix RPG and we're looking for players. All positions are open save for Neo. Original characters are more than welcome. I hope to see you there at Less_Than_Real
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Oh my!

I was skimming for amusing Matrix icons for another community of mine when I stumbled over this. It's just so beautiful and giggle inducing I had to share...
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Being jacked into the Matrix, anything that happens within the system to your RSI (virtual self) effects your real body. Like that old axiom that dying in a dream will kill you in life.

You get hit = bloody lip
Shot = tore up inside
Break a limb = body spasms to break the bone
Die = die

You get the idea.

By the same token, good things effect your real body the same way...which begs the question: what happens to a person if they're having sex while jacked in? I don't suppose operators wander around with spare towels...

The point, or question, I'm dancing around here is this hypothetical; a ship crashes and its operator and pilot are killed but all the other equipment still fundamentally works. The only survivors of whatever happened are all jacked in. Eating within the Matrix, to some extent, staves off hunger in the actual body but without actual nourishment, the body will eventually start to atrophy and starve.

How long do you suppose they could survive like that?
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what the hsilhgslhglhsl hell!

I feel very very VERY stupid right now. In my lack of sleep haze I put all the accounts I had moderating this community as "removed" so now I can no longer fix it.. I plan on making a new one, and will post the link when it is it.

Or IM me:

AIM: Lift the Doubt
Y!: lift_the_doubt
MSN: liftthedoubt@aol.com

Color me stupid.

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;;Insomnia for five nights straight and nothing else to do, I've decided I want to get back into the RP. So I am going to re-vamp the layout of the community etc. Note I am much better now [with layouts etc].. Hoping to get this place up and running in no time.

..anyone still interested, you know how to contact me.

*Solace [aka sigmaxiii which is no more];;

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