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This community is all about LJ Layouts, and all of them are free. I run this place, and I'm an 18-year-old LJ User named Jessica, AkA: stcarnamedwant/paper_glasses. There are now over 40 layouts to choose from, including Cowboy BeBop, Kill Bill, Beauty and the Beast, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Fall Out Boy, and more! As I am currently in college and away from my computer, the community will not be taking requests for some time. Feel free to join and post your own creations if you have a passion for making layouts.

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♥ Comment on the layout you use if you decide to take it.

♥ Read the instructions and check for a matching icon in our Memories.

♥ Put requests, comments, etc. under an lj-cut.

♥ Credit if you use a layout.

♥ Promote us if you know anybody interested in making layouts.

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♥ Forget to credit.

♥ Claim a layout as your own creation.

♥ Drastically change a layout without permission.

♥ E-mail or IM me constanly requesting a layout. If you have a simple request, please post it as a new entry.

♥Add stcarnamedwant as your friend. If you want to add me, add paper_glasses

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