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Free Knitting Patterns & Tutorials

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This community is dedicated to posting links to free knitting patterns.

1. Please do not copy and paste the entire pattern on the site. It will be deleted. Post the link only and a little blurb about the link (if you wish).

2. Please check the tagged entries (recommended) or do a search if you are looking for a specific pattern. All entries with patterns are tagged.

3. Tagging entries is highly recommended. Click here for a list of the community's tags.

4. Please lock all questionable patterns (read: adult novelty) as friends only.

5. Please report any dead links you come across in this post.

6. This is not a pattern request community. Try patternsource instead.

6. This community is for posting links to patterns only. Please check out other knitting communities if you are looking for knitting buddies or need help with a pattern.
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eleven59/yellohshop and the_nita

free patterns are love
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