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Take what you want...No credit required

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  • You must be a member of the _freeicons community in order to participate.
  • Hotlinking is forbidden (see more below).
  • DO NOT PROMOTE your community/journal here. There are promo communities for that!
  • Provide the graphics when making a request (don't leave us to search the internet or scan a graphic for you)!
  • When making a request, please give as many details as possible: Font preference? Color preference? Animated or not? No preference--> mod's choice? Let us know.
  • If you share your icons, there are no requirements to credit you so don't ask.
  • Commenting on icons you take is required (and appreciated).
  • This is a drama-free zone. Take your childishness elsewhere.
  • Really want to credit? Feel free to! If you're not sure who to credit, then ask.

  • Is absolutely forbidden here (as it is most everywhere on the 'net). If you hotlink here, don't be surprised if your hotlinked image is replaced with pornographic material or the text "I HOTLINKED". It's quite easy to do.
  • Please right-click the image you want and save it to your own computer. If you need an image hosted, please ask Lynn...she'll be happy to host it for you free as long as you need.

  • Owner/Moderator: lynn
  • Co-Moderator: momokuro あまいキッス.

    If you'd like to be a co-moderator, please let lynn know.

  • We want you to be happy with your icons, banners, graphics, etc. If you are not happy with what you requested, please let us know what changes you would like made.
  • If you make a request, come back, pick it up and comment!
  • Please do not contact the Mods at their personal journals. You may contact them here.
  • Please be patient when making a request...the moderators have other communities and journals outside of _freeicons, and above all, we have lives. :) *Don't ask us to rush an icon--that's just all sorts of rude.
  • Some icons offered in this community contain awesome borders/brushes made by jadedicons

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