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atheism can be therapy


It can be! Come on admit it, it's very therapeutic. "Oh, what, me? Need therapy?? *&)^ you, you $)%)@!!!!"

But wait wait it is it is, just listen to me. It is therapy of the simplest kind - self esteem building. Yes, religious targets are so EASY, aren't they? You're telling me you have a hard time thinking about this stuff? You're telling me you put hours of effort into processing your denunciations of the religious? No, it's the simplest, easiest thing! It's so satisfying too! I mean, it feels so good because it makes one feel so IMPORTANT to be able to so easily demolish the bases of faith. A faith that has such influence, such meaning, such power, for so many people. To be able to comprehensively trash and irrefutably bannish to the fringes of credulity this lunacy of faith. It can be tremendously satisfying to sit there in the comfort of one's office chair, dispensing such ground shaking reasoning. - Perhaps thinking "Look at me, just think, what could I do if I really tried?"

Atheism can be therapy and aahh, ain't it such a GOOD one!

It seems to me the greatest issue of our time that the belief system formulated to support our morale, to help us cope with the direst of straights - faith in a supreme being - has persisted beyond any semblence of the circumstances in which it arose. Namely, in a world where humans are given the greatest power they ever had over the earth and over each other. We have become as powerful as the supreme being invoked all those 1000s of years ago. By the standards underwhich faith was initiated, there seems not a hint of reason to persist with it now, let alone take it up.

So it could only be tradition, conformity, the confirmation bias, culture and 'society' that have perpetuated this belief. The negative impact of a faith-based approach to living on our society is a testimony to the impact of transference. We have become all-powerful ourselves, by virtue of the rise of science and reason, yet still have the belief system from a time when we had no power. It has, like most instances of transference, led to a problem. The unthinkable has happened. A belief adopted in a time of the greatest suffering to purchase some psychological relief is now, by being held onto too long, in turn become the cause of the suffering. As Sam Harris contends, it is possibly the worst source of suffering in a world where we are now advanced and powerful.

In psychological terms, we are failing to adapt. In biological terms, evolve. The state of our existence, the enormous degree of power and invincibility it affords us, is made unbelievable by the simultaneous prevalence of religiosity. Surely we don't have all this power? Surely we don't have all this knowledge? Surely we aren't so benevolent among each other? For the attainment of such things would surely do better, especially in the mind of the original theist, than a pretense along these lines built up in the imagination?

What reason, in this modern world, does the original theist have to make that first leap of faith? What reason other than lunacy or schizophrenia? Would this person burden themselves with such an onorous yet arbitrary methodology for living when the desired conditions already exist? Namely, that one is, or can very easily become, as powerful and knowledgable as the  original supreme being?

What reason, other than the wave of tradition, do we have to entertain our minds with this myth? What, other than the confirmation bias, perpetuates our belief in this myth? What, other than conformity, causes it to spread throughout and cement itself within communities? Does our society have to put up with this culture any longer? My last question has to be, when will we say "No."

...and, acknowledging just what a huge achievement this is for humankind, crack the biggest, most satisfied and grateful grin anyone in history has ever seen.


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