rickjames82 (rickjames82) wrote in _free_thinkers_,

Hello busy and lazy bodies! MY name is Matt, and I'm an atheist. But that doesn't really yield too much conflict around here. Anyway, I would like you all to consider joining, in addition to this community, my new LJ community:
I have created this community in order to establish a contigent of academics, scientists, and debaters of non-religious persuasion. Hell, we'll take any scientist who just thinks some of the stuff out there is stupid and worth correcting. I hope to establish a union large enough to engage in successful academic debates with people espousing unrealistic world views, particularly young-earth creationists, whom are at the top of my debating hit list. Anyway, I'd appreciate more members and people who are willing to join and help form this union, and even perhaps give time. Peace, love, and dolphins!

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    I don't smoke weed. I smoke clowns like you on the B-ball court.

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    Rap you're mind a round thet

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