December 30th, 2007


This post is made here because I  want to suggest a sub-group, wherein you can ask and answer questions, but with the added layer of trying to use your reason and fighting bias or moral judgments - our goal is to understand how things work or how things are, leaving other thoughts like right and wrong for later contemplation.

I want to invite all fellow thinkers to put our minds together in a group called x_amorality_x, for the purpose of addressing whatever important questions each of us may have USING REASON WITHOUT BIAS, as much as possible. I can see the power of having a group of people who will actively think through things without condemnation, unnecessary emotion, and other bias. Imagine a free discussion and a true understanding of how things truly are (as far as we can figure them out) without having your discovery cut short by someone else's prohibitions on thought, or fear, or guilt, or shame, or anything else that will keep you from the truth!