November 9th, 2007

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Hello newbie here,

At my college they have classes called "Critical Thinking", where you can guess what the subject is, the teacher is to promote heavy debate over "hard core" matters such as illegal imagration, homesexuallity, scientific research on animals... blah, blah, blah. (these topics get boring after a while when no one really listens and just yells.)

Now don't get me wrong these "issues" are only issues because we make them issues, atleast thats my opinion for now we will get more into this at a later date. The media reports on them everyday, and people soak it up like a sponge, and everynight if you actually watch.

Its the same subject, all the time.

I sometimes watch the news,(it irratates me too much) but I listen in the backround while getting ready for work or school. Its amazing how much shit they repeat to evoke fear into society as a whole, and its amazing still how many people actually believe it.

I am not saying all news is fake. I am saying if you really listen and watch you can see who is really pulling the strings.

I know I sound like a paraniod conspiracy theorist, but whats with the news on all the birth control? Yes there is controversy over giving, what is it, middle schoolers?, birth control, but only the parents of the children seem to be giving any guff about it.

The government isn't stepping in, in fact it was probalby their idea. Form of population control, and the companies that produces these brands of the pill are in league with this grand idea because they are making money off of it.

It doesn't matter how much the media reports on it, because they are getting paid off and will be reporting on something else soon.

If the government has to much pressure and too much of a close eye on it, all it needs is another the country to band us together and evoke patriotism...imagine that!

Then the eye is off the government and off to creating more red tape, more standards that every mindless drone won't question... pay your taxes, take that flu shot that has lethal viruses in it.... SOLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!



P.s. I just heard it on t.v again (I would love to see how this progresses)
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