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Name: amanda
Age: 17
Gender: female
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Location: daytona beach, florida

Bands: dashboard confessional, yellowcard, coheed and cambria, simple plan, saves the day
Foods: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup :) (from elf)
Movies: elf, dumb and dumber, stepmom, love actually, monsters inc.
Colors: hunter green and gold (college colors!)
Show: "that 70's show" and "family guy" are at the top of my list
Quote: "samsonite?? i was waaay off!!" -dumb and dumber

what would you say your 'degree' of freckles are: light,medium,or alot? a lot! got 'em everywhere!
name five things you want to do before you die: skydive, get a tatoo, fall in love, have kids, make a lot of money
describe yourself in five words: sarcastic, smart, dorky, fun, lovable :)
reason behind your username for livejournal: i looove stars, and people tell me i have nice eyes.  tried to do a little pun on "starry skies" by combining that and the phrase "stars in her eyes"
promote in two places and show links:
uno , dos

please include at least two pictures
&try to show at least one with freckles visible

i'm pale, so it's kind of hard to see my freckles.  but i promise, they're there all right!!

my try at art:

after homecoming:

at school (right):


userinfo thing (will get better one soon):

thank you for your time!

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