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Hello! [04 Aug 2010|10:13pm]

I am amazed to see that  this community is still here. I set it up years ago before a rather long LJ sabatical. Ok, so, nobody has posted in a while, but there are some great icons here. Good to see that the Franka love is still out there and that this community was left in such capable hands :)

Excuse me whilst I go on a Franka icon snagging spree...
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[07 Dec 2007|11:36am]

20 Lola Rennt icons.


Here in my journal
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Run Lola Run, The Science of Sleep [19 Nov 2007|12:29am]


more icons HERE @ roseblood_icons

rules + join + resources
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Jason/Marie Community! [18 Sep 2007|12:43pm]

Hi everyone!

I've started a community for the pairing Jason/Marie in the Bourne series. If you're a fan of Franka's character, Marie, and her relationship with Matt Damon's Jason, then please do feel free to join. You can find us here:


Hope it's ok to post this, and hopefully see you over there!
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The Bourne Identity RiffTrax Released! [15 Aug 2007|05:39am]


Mystery Science Theater 3000's Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, have released their RiffTrax for The Bourne Identity!

Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar place, unable to recall where you live, what you're doing there, or even your own name. Now imagine for the first time in your life it wasn't a direct result of your downing eleven pints of Guinness and then agreeing to do a Lemon Drop shooter with Jimmy T., Spleef, and Hondo the night before at Durty Nelly's.

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[12 Aug 2007|03:04pm]

[15] Run Lola Run/ Lola Rennt
[2] Hairspray (stage)
[3] Hairspray (new movie)

HERE at mkdesigns
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[01 Jul 2006|10:42pm]

Run Lola Run movie icons!
please always credit spark_thesun or sparks_letters
comments are awesome ;)

:::: Sneeky-peeky :::
3 (lola)
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[07 May 2006|04:38pm]

07 Girl, Interrupted
06 Beatles
07 Lola Rennt

Just a few Lola Rennt icons featuring Franka to share. They can be found at my community, karyukai_icons, under the fake cut. Please read the rules before taking any.

( fake cut )
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Berlinale Film Festival 2006 [03 May 2006|10:49pm]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

+15Collapse )
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hello! [09 Jan 2006|03:28pm]

Hi! My name is Sarah and I absolutely adore Franka Potente. I'm so glad to find a group of fellow admirers!
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Submission Call for NEW zine [08 Jan 2006|06:50pm]

Hey everyone

I'm looking for a submissions for a per/comp zine.

totalcontrast is based on the idea that every issue is hand made and completely orignal, no copies will be made of this zine, each issue will be completely original from every other issue.

I need...
Random Fandom... I'm sure you guys hae someone
Photography (via snail mail, prints only)
Poetry (via e-mail or snail mail, any format)
Short (or Long) Stories (via snail mail or e-mail)
Love Letters (via snail mail or e-mail)
Hate Letters (via snail mail or e-mail)
Drawings, paintings, other art of any kind (via snail mail only)
random newspaper or magzine clipings or random-ness
band bios & photos (via snail mail, also a demo cd and link to website or myspace would be cool too.)

Anything else you can think of would be awesome!

My address is in the community info as is my e-mail, please comment with any questions.

*Pre-orders of this zine are available*

x-posted everywhere o~o sorry
If you don't want this here, as a mod, I will delete it just say the good word.
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[25 Dec 2005|10:48pm]

New pics from Franka's latest film, Atomised, here http://franka.neolocust.com
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[25 Nov 2005|04:57pm]

Hi everyone!

i'm Rowena or pixxi, 21 from Australia, I'm a big fan of Franka potente and this seems like agreat place to be, i can never find enough website with information about her. I didn't even know she had a book coming out or that she sang

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[10 Nov 2005|10:57pm]

Here are a couple of icons I just made.

I made another that's on my journal of Franka spinning, but apparently at least 2 other people have made that one. Oh well, it was fun making it.
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excellent fansite [09 Nov 2005|02:10pm]

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NEW IMAGES / BOOK PRESENTATION (10/22/05) [05 Nov 2005|05:43pm]


FRANKFURT, GERMANY - OCTOBER 22: German actress Franka Potente (L) and actor Max Urlacher present their book "Los Angeles-Berlin-Ein Jahr" at the Frankfurt Book Fair October 22, 2005 in Frankfurt, Germany.

more images here
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"Los Angeles - Berlin. Ein Jahr" book by Franka & Max Urlacher [12 Sep 2005|04:01pm]


Los Angeles - Berlin - ein Jahr
Franka Potente / Max Urlacher
Release date : Sept 2005
192 pages, 40 photos
price: 19,90€

In the autumn 2002 Franka Potente packs her suitcases and flies to America. During one year, she sends letters to a friend in Berlin and tells him about her life in the city of angels and her dreams. And Max Urlacher tells her about his everyday life, his work, about the anti-war demonstrations and the endless winter in Berlin. Very personal, funny and great stories over the longing after adventure, very exact observations over the everyday life as actors, over America and Europe. The chronicle of an exciting yearly and a marvelous declaration of love at Berlin haven-guess/advise the laconic and sensitive to a friendship. (roughly translated)

has anyone heard about this book yet? i stumbled on this by accident and i'm quite curious!
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icons [30 Jul 2005|06:02am]


Feel free to use, but please credit aquantic

[21 Jul 2005|07:19pm]

a few Run Lola Run iconsCollapse )
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Run Lola Run [20 Jun 2005|10:35pm]

21 Run Lola Run icons

the rest are here...
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[19 Jun 2005|03:25pm]
17 19

new franka icons, from the movie CREEP
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Franka repost [18 Jun 2005|04:48pm]

Here is the expired link to the Franka songs that I posted before, as people have asked for them:

Pale 3 f/ Franka - Fly With Me : http://s44.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2XI22ZZBC9TPX33C1HLCJL5GGY

Franka Potente & Banana Fishbones - Easy Day: http://s44.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3P1XQTV2742BR3AD67GMIDTOWD
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I <3 Lola! [06 Jun 2005|05:17pm]

YAY! I love this community! This is my new home!
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[29 May 2005|11:57am]
Hello everybody!
I'm Franka's fan from Russia, Moscow:)

I'm desperate to find the Lola rennt free sountrack.
can you give me a hint?
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[26 Apr 2005|10:40pm]

I thought some of you might like to hear Franka's musical stylings. Here are links to two songs that she provides vocals for that AREN'T from the Run Lola Run soundtrack. (Though I have some of those as well, if someone is interested... leave a comment.)

These are both Yousendit.com links to .mp3 files, so left click on the titles and follow the links to download.

Banana Fishbones & Franka - Easy Day This one is silly, fun, and a bit strange.

Pale 3 featuring Franka - Why Don't You Fly With Me This is from The Princess And The Warrior, I'm told.

Leave a comment if the links expire. Enjoy!
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Try Seventeen/ All I Want [22 Apr 2005|11:24pm]

I hope this hasn't been posted before, I looked back a few pages and didn't see it so... here goes. Thanks go to myheadgames for the links.

The "Inside: Try Seventeen" which apparently is on some Regions DVDs but not others, for those of you who may not have seen it.

.avi, 14 minutes, 80MB
yousendit [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3]

It downloaded for me as a Windows Media but it would only play in DivX...
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Newbie Here, Icon Post [10 Mar 2005|06:59pm]

I just saw Lola Rennt, and I loved it to bits and pieces, so it inspired me to make icons!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(  More here  )
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icons [30 Jan 2005|07:05pm]

hey guys, i've made a few icons and i thought i'd share:



If you wanna use:

. leave a comment
. credit
. no direct-link please!
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[30 Jan 2005|04:09pm]

Hey, I'm a newbie to the community, but I've been a Franka fan for a while. I hope it's OK to post icons here - if not, I'll delete this post. I have 10 Franka icons at my journal.


The rest are here

Comment and credit if you take any, please. :)
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Franka ist toll! [11 Jan 2005|02:14am]

A Franka Potente community...how nice. I'm Josh, 24, and I love all things German. I would have posted auf Deutsch actually but my German is pretty lousy at this hour. Anyone know if there's a community dedicated to German actresses past and present? Anyone's help will surely be appreciated.
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