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Wallpapers; Atlantis, Alias

So Yay! I did something constuctive this weekend! I made wallpapers! *twirls* I used two awesomely cool tuts for them (here and here) but tweaked them to my liking!

2 x Atlantis (Sheppard/Weir)
1 x Alias (Spyrents)

Title: Why'd You have to be
Lyrics: 'Goodbye and Go' - Imogen Heap
A/N: andsheloves, this ones for you girl. Happy Birthday!

Title: Saving the World
Lyrics: 'City of Devils' - Yellowcard

Title: This is Love; This is Murderous
Lyrics: 'This is Love; This is Murderous' - Bleeding Through

Comments = love
Tags: tv: alias, tv: stargate atlantis, wallpaper

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