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Foxfire burns and burns

Confessions of a Girl Gang
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Do you solemnly swear to consecrate yourself to your sisters in FOXFIRE. To consecrate yourself to the vision of FOXFIRE. To think of your sisters as you would they think of you. In the Revolution of the Proletariat that is imminent in the Apocalypse that is imminent in the Valley of the Shadow of Death and under torture, physical or spiritual. Never to betray your FOXFIRE sisters in thought, word, or deed. Never to reveal the FOXFIRE secrets. Never to deny FOXFIRE in this world or the next, above all pledge yourself to FOXFIRE, offering up all fidelity and courage and heart and soul and all future happiness to FOXFIRE. Under penalty of death. So help you god. Forever and ever until the end of time.

Welcome to Foxfire. A community devoted to friendship, justice, sisterhood, and strength. I strongly recommend reading the book, or at least watching the movie.

Only rule is, no spammage, relating to other communities or otherwise.

So remember...don't take any shit, and come play with us if you're not afraid of the fire..