.. Uhoh.

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They're both asleep.

... Again.

This is becoming a regular thing- knockonwood-

.... Sanity, how I welcome thee.

Yunie? How's Jecht doing? We should get them all together and let them... well. Lay on the ground and smile, n stuff. :D Baby things, til they're all able to scoot around~
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swept away

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(This was delivered to anyone who isn't evil)

Hi Everyone,

This isn't a formal invitation because I don't know how to do one of those! But! Everyone on this list is invited to Figaro castle to celebrate the weddings of Tifa and Sabin and Edgar and myself Christmas Day. The event will take some place in the evening to give everyone time to do family things and the such but everyone is welcome to come and stay at Figaro Castle. There are rooms for everyone.

Hope to see everyone there,

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